Cleario your photos with fewer clicks

Are you tired of deleting hundreds of photos by tap-tap-tap on each one you don't like? With Cleario you just mark photos you like and delete the rest with one click.

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 How it works

Download the app

Download the app. App will ask you to sign in with your Facebook account and allow access to your photos.

Pick photos you want to keep

It's just like your normal photo app. Clean you photos week by or day just by marking the ones you want to keep. 

Click to clean the rest

Delete all the photos you don't want with just one click.

Download Cleario to clean your photos

We just hate the infinite tap-tap-tap way of deleting photos in the standard Photos apps. It takes hours and days to get through all the photos we have on our favourite gadgets. That's why we made Cleario so nice and simple. Try it too.

Keep only photos you want

Group your photos

With Cleario you are able to group your photos on the base of different time frames. Week, days, hours or minutes. Decide how many photos you want work with at a time.

Pick the best ones
Delete the rest

Open any group of photos, pick the photos you want to save. Click CLEAN to delete the rest. At the bottom of the screen you can see how many photos will be deleted.

Compare photos

Long press a photo to enlarge it to full screen. Turn your phone to a landscape mode to see two pictures close to each other. Choose the better one. 

Users about Cleario

Photography is my hobby and I'm doing tons of photos on the go with my iPhone 8 Plus. The only problem I'm facing is a process of getting rid of the photos that I don't want to save. Cleario perfectly fits to my workflow. I'm just picking the photos I like and delete the rest with a single click :-)
Jeremy B.
Wow! I never thought how much time I’m spending clicking on my photos choosing the right one to post. Where was this app before?:) So much easier to make an order and pick the best ones!!
Emily P.
I never spent time picking photos I wanna keep... so every time there was million of them and a huge mess. With Cleario I can manage my pics fast and easy and don’t have to delete everything to free the phone's memory! 
Awesome! :) Made my life much easier!
Albert J.
This sounded nonsense to Alice, so she said nothing, but set off at once toward the Red Queen. To her surprise, she lost sight of her in a moment.
Roxie Goodman
Alice glanced nervously along the table, as she walked up the large hall.
Adrian Hubbard
For some minutes Alice stood without speaking, looking out in all directions over the country.
Craig Gill
This is one of my favorite apps. For someone who snaps a ton of photos, it’s SO helpful. After selecting photos I wanna keep, all I have to do is a click and everything else goes away. It’s genius and I highly recommend it. Thank you to the creators!!!
Roxie G.
SO many garbage photos end up in my Photos app and Cleario allows their quick and easy deletion. Turns a long arduous process into a simple task you can perform regularly. Definitely on of my most frequently used apps!
Adrian H.
I have a couple of cloud services that back up my entire camera roll, so I often find myself wanting to delete almost everything from the camera roll... but the only built-in way to do this is to tap, tap, tap and finally choose "delete". This app gives me the features I've wanted since my first iPhone! 
Craig G.

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